"Force Measurement, Press Automation, Control Systems, Load Cells & Production Monitoring Software"

Toledo Transducers building

Since 1976, Toledo Integrated Systems has developed force measurement, tonnage monitoring and press control systems for some of the finest manufacturers in the world. We have not only evolved with the industry, but have created many of the innovations that have set the standard for force measurement today.

We initially manufactured only strain gauge sensors and load cells. However, we soon turned to tonnage monitors, load modules, die protection, press room networking software and signature analysis, due to customers' needs. This aspect of our business has expanded and we now feature the most complete line of monitoring equipment in the industry today.

As the industry began to evolve from having a number of stand-alone boxes on the press to more integrated systems, we started our press control systems and automation group.  Our first system, the Maximizer, integrates tonnage, die protection, programmable limit switches (PLS), brake monitoring and other press automation into a PLC based package.  This system can also be upgraded to include a clutch/brake controller, the Maximizer TPC (Total Press Control).  A Human Machine Interface (HMI), working in tandem with the PLC, allows the Maximizer tremendous flexibility and customization. This includes integrating nearly all press automation and control devices into one operator interface for complete workspace integration. Our press controls group has recently expanded its offerings of all-in-one automation systems with the Press Attendant. We also offer a stand-alone clutch/brake control, the Press Pilot 150.

In addition, our in-house calibration laboratory is accredited by A2LA for calibrations up to 2 million pounds. The same standard of excellence that we uphold in all aspects of our corporation has allowed our special load cell group to design hundreds of different load cells for various applications.

Throughout all of these changes to our industry, we have remained an industry leader by focusing on meeting the needs of our customers in the metalforming industry. Through hard work and commitment, we have developed a reputation for quality and dependability, which is unparalleled in the industry.

We are a multi-service, international organization that includes both an in-house and field service support staff. There are certified representatives throughout the United States and Canada that complete installation and press calibrations for our company. Additionally, we have international service groups in Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, India, Italy, Germany, South Africa and the United Kingdom.