Toledo Integrated Systems Product Lines

pwi 4 channel tonnage monitor

Tonnage Monitors

Tonnage monitors can extend the lifespan of your press and dies, protect against hard hits and provide data to determine optimal tonnage for forming parts. Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of monitors for each press application. These applications include C-Frame, OBI, OBS, forging, powdered metal, refractory, transfers, assembly and double action presses.
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press control & automation

Press Controls & Automation

Our press controls & automation department can custom design any line of PLC (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.) for your press line or integrate into an existing control system. We offer a wide variety of solutions ranging from a simple, easy to install clutch/brake control package, to a more complex, networked, all-in-one, complete press line solution.

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all in one press systems

All-In-One Automation

These systems are designed to do exactly what their name implies; everything. These are prepackaged systems designed for easy installation, as well as to provide many options including tonnage monitoring, die protection, job storage, brake monitoring, tonnage signatures and press room networking capabilities.

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sensors and load cells

Sensors & Load Cells

We custom design load cells and sensors for a variety of applications, concentrating on tension and compression forces. Our load cells are used in a large variety of industries including metal stamping, plastics, aerospace, automotive and government mints.

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tonnage a2la calibrations

Press Calibration Load Cells

We are proud to be the exclusive vendor of the AutoCell™, a calibration standard load cell with built-in instrumentation for measuring dynamic tonnage. These load cells are calibrated to A2LA accreditation standards.

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press room monitoring / networking software

Press Room Monitoring Software

Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of press room monitoring/networking software applications custom fit for your application. We offer an array of software applications ranging from signature viewer to our more advanced systems which can monitor, record and report data from our tonnage monitors, all-in-one systems or PLC based control systems.

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guardstar light curtains press safety

Stamping Press Safety

Ensuring the safety of employees running or working near your press is always a concern. Add an extra layer of security and safety to your press with a Toledo Integrated Systems brake monitor and Banner EZ-SCREEN light curtains.

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stamping press die protection

Die Protection

Die protection units offered by Toledo Integrated Systems range from all-in-one systems to systems designed specifically for die protection. We carry a wide variety of die protection options to fit your individual needs.

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Additional press equipment

Additional Press Equipment

Toledo Integrated Systems also offers various press related products including automatic counterbalance systems.

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