R320 Hand Held Load Indicator

R320 Hand Held Load Indicator

The R320 instrument provides ZERO, TARE and OPTIONAL PEAK HOLD functionality as well as more setup options (eg. serial and setpoints) and printing functionality.

It also supports special functions (eg. peak-hold, averaging, counting, etc.), via the user definable key. It is equipped with an NVRAM store to ensure day-to-day operating settings (eg. ZERO, TARE, CLOCK, etc.), are retained when power is removed.

This instrument has two isolated transistor outputs with status display on the front panel as well as the RS-232 communications port that can be used for printer driving or connection to a remote display or PC. There is a built-in clock for date-stamping printed outputs.

We also offer the R320-K344, an economical version with all functions except the peak-hold circuit.

APPROVALS: * OIML (TC6242, T6244) * NSC (S420) * CE * FCC


  Standard Option
Five Point Linearity Correction  
RS-232 automatic transmit, network or
  printer driving
Assignable function key: Unit switching,   counting, manual hold  
Assignable function key: Peak hold  
2 isolated transistor-drive outputs  
Battery backed clock calendar  
Stainless steel IP65 housing (via R321)  
I.R. Data Coupling for optional RIN -LINK   cable (to RS232 PC port)  


Resolution Up to 30,000 divisions, minimum of 0.25?V/division,
20 updates / second (Trade 4000 divisions at 0.8?V/division)
Zero Cancellation 2.0mV/V
Span Adjustment 0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V full scale
Stability/Drift Zero: < 0.1?V/C (+ 8ppm of deadload max)
Span:< 8 ppm/C, Linearity < 20ppm, Noise < 0.2mVp-p
Excitation 5 volts for up to 4 x 350 ohm load cells
(4 wire or 6 wire + shield)
A/D Type 24bit Sigma Delta with 8,388,608 internal counts
A/D Conversion
20Hz with FIR filtering > 80dB
Temperature: -10 to +50C ambient,
Humidity: < 90% non-condensing

Display LCD - six 20mm high digits plus units and annunciators
- LED Backlight
Setup and
Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages
Digital Filter Sliding window average from 0.1 second to 4.0 seconds
Zero Range Adjustable from 2% to 20% of full capacity

Power Input  
Standard 12 to 24VDC (2.5 VA max) - ON/OFF key with memory feature
Battery 4 x AA batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH, NiCad)
may be fitted to models fitted with the optional desk stand


Name Format Link
R320 Quick Start Manual PDF
R320 Operators Manual-677-200-M01 PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Tonnage Monitors Toledo's line of tonnage monitors
Service Installation On-site product installation


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