TT-08 - Signal Conditioner

TT-08 - Signal Conditioner

TT-08 - Signal Conditioner

Signal conditioning is a transmission method of conveying information using a continuous input signal which varies in amplitude, phase, or some other property into a usable output signal that is proportional to the input.

The TT-08 signal conditioner is a din-rail mounted device that senses a physical parameter such as pressure or temperature and generates an output proportional to the measured variable in the standard range, 4-20 mA or 0-10Vdc.

TT-08 signal conditioners are ideal for use on systems having a full-scale range of 10mV, 20mV, or 30mV with minimal tare weight values. Typical applications would be a single force (load cell), pressure transducer or a platform scale.

An integral 9-position terminal strip provides connections for the supply voltage, transducer wiring, and analog output. The input signal range selection is accomplished with a 2-position dipswitch.

The output signal (4-20 mA or 0-10Vdc) selection is performed by TIS moving one or more jumpers to the customers specified output.

*Regularity Compliance: EN50082-2, EN55011, EN61000


  Standard Option
Zero and Full scale via trim-pots  
DIN Rail "snap track" mounting  
Adjustable analog output filter  
Thermal stability  
4-20mA or 0-10Vdc selectable output  


Description Specification
Power Supply 24 VDC 15%
Load Cell
10 Vdc
Load Current 200 mA (max 4 load cells x 350 Ohm)
5 W
Input Signal Selectable, 10 mV, 20 mV, 30 mV
Analog Output 0-10 VDC bipolar, 4-20 mA
Zero Adjustment 20-turn trim-pot (-7%/+3% FS)
Span Adjustment 20-turn trim-pot (5% of FS)
Linearity 0.02% of full scale
Analog Filter Adjustable, 270 turn trim-pot
Operating Temp.
+14 to +104F (-10 to +40C)
Storage Temp.
-4 to +122 F (-20 to +50C)
Thermal Stability 20 ppm/C
Relative Humidity 85% non-condensing
Terminal Blocks pitch 0.196"
Response Time 5 to 250 ms (fixed to 5 ms on output mA)
Connection Screw terminal screw connector 5 mm

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 3.0" 3.5" 2.5"


Name Format Link
TT-08 Signal Conditioner Manual PDF
TT-08 Specs PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Load Cells Toledo's line of load cells
Service Installation On-site product installation


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