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Toledo Integrated Systems provides a full range of services to ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to take on specialty installations.

Select any service below for a more in-depth analysis of the services offered by Toledo Integrated Systems and how we install and commission new products, streamline your production or troubleshoot existing hardware and software.

product installation and commissioning

Product Installation

We are able to provide installation services on all of our product lines. This can range from a simple brake monitor to a more complex custom Maximizer PLC and networking application. Our service technicians are available everyday and can work around your production schedule.

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tonnage monitor calibration

Tonnage Monitor Calibration

Toledo Integrated Systems has successfully installed and calibrated equipment on almost every type of stamping press in the metalforming industry, including: straight-side, c-frame, transfer, refractory, injection molding, high speed, forging and more.

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load cell calibration

Load Cell Calibration

Toledo Transducers calibration laboratory and calibrations are conducted according to ISO/IEC17025. Our calibration procedure 1017 is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

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load cell design

Load Cell Design

We design custom load cells using a variety of shapes and sizes, materials and connectors for various applications. If you are having a hard time finding a load cell solution for your application, look no further. Our Load Cell Group is here to help.

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press commissioning and troubleshooting

Press Commissioning, Troubleshooting & Calibrations

If your press isn't running at optimal performance or has any other issues, our engineers and service technicians can look into the issues and provide you with solutions. We are experienced in every aspect of the press line including the uncoiler, straightner, feeder, press controls, press safety and destacker.

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We are well-known around the world. We have proved our high quality products in Mexico, Chile, China, Thailand, India, Australia, Japan and other countries. In each country, we have trained, installed, calibrated and helped our customers use our products as an integral part of their stamping operation.

Our "whatever-it-takes" outlook has helped hundreds of stamping plant managers save their presses and dies. Our goal is to make sure we exceed customers' expectations with our monitoring and automation integration.